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My Favorite Travel Shoes


According to my fitness tracker, I walk around 18-20k steps a day when I travel! That’s 5x more than my count when I’m at home (designer life!) and so it’s a real must to wear only the comfiest shoes for travel.

After a really long search (and trust me, I really searched!) here are the two best pairs I’ve ever used! These are my all-time favorite travel shoes and I swear by these! When you try them for yourself you’ll understand why I rave about them!
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Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine (Hong Kong)

Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine Hong Kong

How do you feel about eating Hello Kitty’s face? Well, that’s exactly what I did when I visited the world’s first Hello Kitty themed Chinese restaurant. Say hello to Hello Kitty dimsum, buns, crackers and even pudding!

On this trip to Hong Kong, I sat down with Mr. Man Kwong, the man behind Hello Kitty Chinese Cuisine, and we talked about his inspiration for this place and what he hopes to give his customers.

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Day Trip to Taichung (Taiwan)

Taiwan Zhong She Flower 2

Our day trip to Taichung is hands-down my favorite part about our Taiwan trip and guessing from the number of messages I get about it on my Instagram, you guys must really like it too!

When I was researching for Taichung, it was hard to find good information online because there aren’t a lot of blogs in English about it. So for this entry, I’m gonna fit in as many details as I can; from transportation to itinerary. Hope this helps you plan for your perfect Taichung Day Trip.

Prepare for a lengthy, but hopefully informative, post!

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Yehliu & Jiufen Daytrip (Taiwan)

Taiwan Yehliu 0

When I told people I wanted to go to Taiwan, a lot of well-meaning friends said there was nothing to do there. But now I’m guessing they probably just didn’t know that it was possible to go on a daytrip to places like Yehliu and Jiufen! These gorgeous places are actually not far from Taipei!

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4 Days of Fun in Taiwan

Taiwan Rainbow 1

Last weekend, I visited Taiwan for the first time.

I traveled with the wives of Mor’s good friends (we all turned out to be really great friends!) This was our “Moms’ Getaway,” an all-girls trip without our husbands and kids! Haha. Of course, a big thank you to the best husbands in the world for taking care of the house and kids for a few days!

Anyway, Taiwan really surprised me in the best way! I’m so excited to write about each of these places in detail (those posts are coming up next!) But for now, here’s an overview of our trip! It was definitely “Fun Taiwan” for us!

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