Yehliu & Jiufen Daytrip (Taiwan)

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When I told people I wanted to go to Taiwan, a lot of well-meaning friends said there was nothing to do there. But now I’m guessing they probably just didn’t know that it was possible to go on a daytrip to places like Yehliu and Jiufen! These gorgeous places are actually not far from Taipei!

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4 Days of Fun in Taiwan

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Last weekend, I visited Taiwan for the first time.

I traveled with the wives of Mor’s good friends (we all turned out to be really great friends!) This was our “Moms’ Getaway,” an all-girls trip without our husbands and kids! Haha. Of course, a big thank you to the best husbands in the world for taking care of the house and kids for a few days!

Anyway, Taiwan really surprised me in the best way! I’m so excited to write about each of these places in detail (those posts are coming up next!) But for now, here’s an overview of our trip! It was definitely “Fun Taiwan” for us!

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Top 5 Dream Destinations: Illustrated

Dream Destination Sheena Loves Sunsets

Whenever I meet someone new, I always ask them: “What’s your #1 dream destination?” You’d be surprised at how much you can learn about a person from their answer!

For this entry, I wanted to share my top 5 dream destinations but instead of sharing photos from other people, I illustrated them because I wanted to show how I imagine these places to be! I would love to hear about your own top 5 list as well, so let me know at the comments below!

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Kuromon Market (Osaka, Japan)

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As I always say, I may not be a foodie but I enjoy good food!

And there was definitely no shortage of good food at The Kuromon Market in Osaka! Actually, our problem was how we were going to get out of the place without getting broke because everything looked absolutely delicious!

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